The Female Ejaculation (3 Videos)
The female ejaculation is still a myth of Western culture. Most skeptics assume that the woman is just urinating, because the friction in the vagina becomes too strong. But this is WRONG! The EVERY woman is able to ejaculate at the G-spot orgasm and cum. Yes, the times, as the faces of men, women are vollsauten over. Each liberated woman who knows how to know their body wants, settle their juice on the man.
How does that work? Well I'm no scientist, but I still in my career with women conducted private, empirical studies, produced the following results: 99.9% of the women met at the I think it was one of those women who can not ejaculate because the rumor circulated: some women can do it, and some do not. This is of course the easiest way without a lot of explanation to justify his / her deficit. Do not let them lure on the wrong track. Ultimately EVERY has injected! 1/4 liter to 1 liter. Usually it ran as follows:
By hand technique brings you close to the fascinating, highly intense feeling of the respective Sexpartnerin and milks the ejaculate in the truest sense out of her. Each woman was totally amazed - some of which were over 40 - that they are able to get this wonderful, facilitating orgasm. If one has the woman shown this procedure up to five times, she already has a little experience and can begin to explore her vagina again to identify (with dildo) and the feelings that they, by the hand technique for a few days was previously added. You will quickly notice that it is on the right track and a way to find the ejaculation itself with a dildo or even trigger fingers. Practiced the woman now desöfteren ejaculation, her vagina will get used to this feeling again and in a very short time it has become normal for them. Ergo then the time has come that they will also get this orgasm during sex. These heard some confidence and targeted penetration of the G-spot by the member that friction ensteht. Circumcised men have it easier in general because the detached penis is very well suited for friction in the right place.
Unfortunately, few women experience, but this is simply due to the education of today and the behavioral deficits of the world of men. It is normal if a woman during sex gets the feeling she had pink and then of course it prevents or restrains. Tried it a try, and let's just go!
On this page you can find several videos showing how easy the whole thing is and what techniques you can use it. If you follow the sequence of the 3 phases mentioned, it works guaranteed.
  • FINGER TECHNIQUE (adjusting to the feeling)
  • DILDO-SQUIRT (Self-exploration with Toys)
  • SQUIRT-SEX (common practice)
In the navigation bar above, you can directly select which item you want to see. At each point, a demonstration video is available. Here you want to chat a few top amateurs who love to deal with this hot button issue, with you and meet and perhaps even try.
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